Unveiling the Power of Tropocells PRP: A Cut Above The Rest

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has gained immense popularity in recent years for its regenerative and healing properties. Among the various PRP systems available in the market, Tropocells PRP stands tall. With its advanced technology and unique approach, Tropocells PRP offers several key advantages that set it apart from other systems. In this blog, we will explore the distinctive features that make Tropocells PRP the preferred choice for clinicians and patients alike.

1. Advanced Platelet Concentration Technology

Tropocells PRP utilizes a proprietary separator gel technology to concentrate platelets from the patient’s own blood. Unlike traditional PRP systems that utilize a double-spin method, Tropocells requires one centrifugation step to isolate the majority of the platelets. The separator gel combined with a proprietary collection protocol allows for higher percentage platelet recovery compared to other PRP devices.

2. Customized Concentrations for Specific Conditions

One size does not fit all when it comes to PRP. Tropocells PRP offers the flexibility to customize the Platelet concentration based on the patient’s specific condition and needs. The clinician can adjust the platelet concentration by simply removing different volumes of platelet poor plasma prior to resuspending the platelets. This tailored approach lets the clinician determine what is best for the individual patient.

3. Less Inflammation

Tropocells PRP contains a proprietary gel separator that creates a barrier that minimizes the presence of unwanted Red Blood Cells (RBC) and Inflammatory White Blood Cells. The resulting product is PRP that is working in an anabolic microenvironment which may increase the odds of a successful outcome.

4. Fast and Convenient

Compared to other high concentration PRP systems, Tropocells PRP offers a fast, user-friendly process with fewer steps. The streamlined process, along with optimized collection protocols, enables a faster preparation time so that patient workflow doesn’t get interrupted in busy medical practices.

5. Validated by Peer-reviewed *Studies

Tropocells PRP is supported by a substantial body of clinical evidence that demonstrates efficacy while validating platelet counts. Numerous studies and successful patient outcomes have solidified Tropocells PRP’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy platelet counts performed by independent labs in conjunction with physician researchers.

6. Real World Success

Since 2013, nearly one million cases have been performed with Tropocells PRP in the United States alone. At Transcend Biologics we’re committed to improving patient outcomes on the next million PRP cases in sports medicine and orthopedics.

As PRP continues to revolutionize the field of orthobiologics, Tropocells PRP stands out as a frontrunner in the industry. As research and innovation in PRP progresses, Tropocells PRP remains at the forefront, driving the future of regenerative medicine toward a brighter and healthier tomorrow.

*For copies of the peer-reviewed published studies that document platelets counts, contact your representative for Transcend Biologics.