Ultrasound - NAVI

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Wisonic Navi anesthesia and pain management is a dedicated ultrasound. Wisonic specialists brought the development of ultrasound to the present by zeroing in and improving the visual display and framework plan. Joining the tablet usability with exceptional imaging, the Wisonic Navi offers a capability mix no other framework can coordinate and makes troublesome imaging tasks as basic as operating your mobile phone. The Wisonic Navi was based on a Holo stage with a 64-times beam forming processor and up to 5000 frames each second. Matched with numerous common help presets, the Wisonic Navi can tweak imaging to every physician’s needs. With a 19″ high-resolution screen, the Wisonic Navi allows an operator to visualize exactly what they need to see with an extensive configuration.

Navi - Key Features

  • 19-Inch, Industry Full Touch Screen Display
  • Support Liquid Disinfection
  • Disinfection by 75% alcohol directly
  • Whole-day Battery Backup
  • Remote Control Probes
  • Electrical Height Lift with 12″ height range
  • Dedicated Probe Holder for Disinfection
  • Smart button design available on multiple transducers
  • wiNeedle Intelligent Enhance Real-time detection
  • wiLearn Education Center

wiNeddle - Intelligent Needle Enhancement

  • Automatic Needle detection
  • Automatic beam steering
  • Intelligent needle tip and shaft detection

To escape from a dilemma when the physician is needling into the target position, but the beam is not perpendicular to the needle. wiNeedle is an intelligent assistant that helps the operator adjust the beam angle to visualize the needle best.

      wiNerve – AI Intelligent Nerve Recognition

Wisonic Navi ultrasound’s AI assists clinicians by quickly analyzing and interpreting images of nerves and muscles, improving diagnostic speed and accuracy. wiNerve significantly acquires a robust AI recognition result with nerves and muscles in different colors. While color variations in ultrasound images can pose challenges, advanced AI algorithms enhance the recognition accuracy of nerves and muscles across different colors, contributing to excellent results.

wiLearn - Education Center


The most challenging work during the procedure is always distinguishing the needle from the tissue. The Piloter answers this by providing an intelligent wiNeedle feature, which can automatically recognize and enhance the needle visualization. Intelligent puncture-enhanced display technology makes the display of punctures more visible in the human body. This could save doctors time adjusting the parameters to focus more on patient care.

wiShow - Record the ultrasound videos and hands-on spot simultaneously with voice explanation

Versatile Probes