Ultrasound - PILOT

                                                                                                      The Piloter is a specialized ultrasound system that is extremely portable while maintaining superior imaging quality. The Piloter has a highly lightweight case, making slipping into a briefcase between clinics and hospitals easy. With built-in customized workflow, the Piloter provides a more efficient and systematic experience for various applications, including musculoskeletal, pain management, vascular, physical therapy, breast and endocrinology, and more.

Precision Imaging

The Piloter has been designed with the clinician in mind to solve core demands by providing the best-in-class superior imaging on an easy-to-use, intuitive platform. Precision imaging ensures accurate medical treatment in a range of areas. This allows the clinician to ensure they are always providing high-quality care.

                          Best in Detail Tissue Imaging 

Built on a Holo™ Platform, the Piloter has a 64-beam processor and archives up to 5000 frames per second. Along with fine image tuning according to specific settings, the Piloter provides the whole field with the best detail image quality and outstanding resolution.

      wiNeedle Intelligent NeedleVisualization Technology

wiNeedle utilizes third-generation visualization technology to automatically recognize the needle being introduced to the tissue. This greatly enhances the appearance of the needle and makes the needle guidance as easy as possible.

wiNeedle - Intelligent Needle Enhancement






The most challenging work during the procedure is distinguishing the needle from the tissue. The Piloter addresses this by providing an intelligent wiNeedle feature that automatically recognizes and enhances the needle visualization. Intelligent puncture-enhanced display technology makes the display of punctures more visible in the human body. The enhanced display will save physicians time adjusting the parameters to focus more on patient care.